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And it is So-South Hill Farmers Market

What an amazing day… we had to share. This is a story that began with a ride through VA in a red truck with my newish hubby and continued into fruition today.


I was still new to the area and my hubby and I often jump in our truck and take a ride. Like the down the road, windows down.. no real destination I know about and itโ€™s mid itโ€™s black killer dark and where Iโ€™m from we are inside so I left that life behind so I could do what we do…




Music is always, playing

It could be anything we start with talk radio because thatโ€™s the set dial mostly, then maybe gospel because thatโ€™s the station we get in out here in these RURAL parts

YESSSS we listen to talk radio too.


Can I tell yโ€™all this week, my life continues to remind me to leave space to BELIEVE that YOU CAN live beyond your wildest dreams and imagination.. where you are stay attentive and diligent in your commitment to you.


I asked for this day

many many many times

or something like this


Last year we stopped in South Hill and there is a store called #TheMakesMarket which is a lovely market and commercial kitchen. We love food and cooking so we of course ended up chatting it up and they suggest we hit the market when it reopened.


Long story short, we attended opening day of that market and SOLD our produce and other items to that same store!!




Iโ€™m telling you to create and maintain SPACE for the ability to live a life beyond your wildest dreams and imagination… itโ€™s a great start.


Happy happy Saturday yโ€™all!


You can find us EVERY SATURDAY from now through Oct at the South Hill Farmers Market!

Location: The South Hill Farmers Market is locates at 105 W. Danville St, South Hill Va in the Market Square public parking lot at the intersections Mecklenburg Ave. & Danville St in Downtown South Hill!

Time: 8am-12pm

It was amazing meeting our other vendors Birdie’s Pimento Cheese!!! Listen ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ—ฃ๐Ÿ‘€ that garlic Parmesan flavored dip!!!! Come on next week!!!

Plus the band is not bad at all!!!

See yโ€™all next week!

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