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Dinner Monday 5/3/2021

Charred Broccoli & grilled shrimp pasta

Monday‘s Dinner

Imma try to post daily food

👀 I’m trying to see something…

Last night we enjoyed a highly flavorful dinner that was supper easy.

1 bag of frozen broccoli I charred on my griddle with olive oil and onions. Season to taste and don’t be afraid of the char! 🔥

Approx 1.5 lbs is shrimp seasoned with my favorite spices 🍤

1lb bag of pasta I had on hand

Some olive oil and some vinegar based dressing I had on hand mixed together after it was all drained, swizzled, and stirred up together like!

Dinner was served and they ate it all up!

Side salad from a bag with some additional accoutrements and the 5 beans salad from the bottle.

I’m trying to see how y’all like our food… UNDERGROUND SUPPER CLUB might be back, relocated from California to Virginia.. y’all like to eat rite!? Lol

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